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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Yogurt Escape and Coronado SAFE Deliver Treats

Yogurt Escape teamed up with Coronado's SAFE youth group to treat our local heroes to some free yogurt on Thursday, March 12th. We also treated the group of kids who volunteered from SAFE. Together we prepared 40 yogurts with all the toppings you could imagine and delivered them right to the doors of the police and fire departments.

Both Yogurt Escape and Coronado SAFE wanted to thank our local heroes for their outstanding commitment and service to our community.

Thanks for sending us this good news Yogurt Escape...keep it up!

Yours Truly,
A Nado Local

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Navy Names Littoral Combat Ship USS Coronado

Secretary of the Navy Donald Winter announced today that the fourth littoral combat ship (LCS) will be named USS Coronado.

The announcement continues the practice of naming the agile LCS vessels after American mid-sized cities, small towns and communities. The ship is named in honor of the patriotic citizens of Coronado, Calif. Home to Naval Air Station North Island (NASNI) and Naval Amphibious Base (NAB), Coronado has been home to the Navy since 1917.

More than 90 tenant commands reside at NASNI, including the Naval Aviation Depot, the largest aerospace employer in San Diego. The base is homeport to two aircraft carriers, USS Nimitz (CVN 68) and USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76).

NAB Coronado has approximately 5,000 personnel and more than 30 tenant commands including Naval Surface Force Pacific and Expeditionary Warfare Training Group Pacific. The base is also home to Naval Special Warfare Command including several SEAL (Sea, Air, Land) and special boat teams, and the Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) training center.

Two previous ships have been named for Coronado. USS Coronado (PF 38), a Tacoma-class patrol frigate, earned four battle stars for supporting landings in New Guinea and Leyte during World War II. USS Coronado (AGF 11) served as flagship for the Third Fleet and was decommissioned in 2006.

Designated LCS 4, Coronado will be designed to defeat littoral threats and provide access and dominance in coastal waters for missions such as mine warfare, anti-submarine warfare and surface warfare. There are two different LCS hull forms – a semiplaning monohull and an aluminum trimaran – designed and built by two industry teams, respectively led by Lockheed Martin and General Dynamics. These seaframes will be outfitted with reconfigurable payloads, called mission packages, which can be changed out quickly. Mission packages are supported by special detachments that will deploy manned and unmanned vehicles and sensors.

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A Nado Local

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Coronado Village Theatre - Interview / Update

The following is an interview with the new management for the Coronado Village Theatre: Lance Alspaugh (Five Star Theatres Inc.)

Lance, thanks for taking the time to speak with Please introduce yourself and share your background in theatre re-development and your current role in the renovation and management of the Coronado Village Theatre.

All of us here at Five Star Theatres appreciate the opportunity to help bring the Village Theatre back to life in the very near future. We currently operate 2 movie theatres in the Los Angeles/Los Feliz area (The Vista Theatre | Los Feliz 3 Cinemas). I have been in the film exhibition business spanning over 30 years and my Management Team shares over 50 years of experience among the 3 of them. It is certainly our pleasure and privilege to have this rare opportunity to give something back to the community.

As you may be aware the road to secure the Village Theater ran its course over eight years, several negotiation sessions and a few setbacks. I must credit The Redevelopment Agency of the City of Coronado as they were instrumental in the successful completion of the process and a special thanks go out to Rachel Hurst for her outstanding work and effort in this regard.

When I originally purchased Five Star Theatres, we decided to renovate our Vista Theatre, a 1923 single screen movie theatre that was in major disrepair very similar to the Village Theatre. We decided against all odds (cosmetically and financial) to dive in with a total cosmetic renovation on the theatre with the City of Los Angeles contributing with a seismic retrofit. There are so many details as to how we accomplished the renovation that they cannot be clearly discussed here. But I can tell you that it took 3 years to complete. We were not fortunate to have a Grant available such as the Agency Grant from the Redevelopment Agency of Coronado, so the work was completed in phases as we had the money to do it. With each phase we noticed the audience responded in greater numbers. The Vista is now a wanted venue by the movie going public and film distributors alike. Film fare presented is Big Screen entertainment and films with an edge such as the Quentin Tarentino films. Internet surfers can see some photos of our Vista Theatre by logging on to as well as other sites that may be found throughout the web.

Our Los Feliz 3 Cinemas posed different challenges. Also in need of a cosmetic face lift though not as severe as the Vista, there was little to retain as far as cosmetics or atmosphere in this large single screen venue. So the decision to Triplex the theatre (that is, creating 3 auditoriums out of one large 750 seat auditorium) offered more film choices for the audience in a virtually brand new movie theatre. Financing from outside sources was necessary for this job and it was completed in 1993 after one year of construction. The Los Feliz 3 Cinemas presents foreign, art and eclectic film fare and works nicely as a move over house for our Vista Theatre. It also hosts selected festivals and special events from time to time.

We expect the Village Theatre in Coronado will be our Crown Jewel, and is it not appropriate as the City is known for its Crown! We are working closely with the Redevelopment Agency and are in final negotiations to secure a skilled and creative Architectural Firm specializing in Theatre Design and Construction. The name of the firm and principal players will be made public in the near future.

Many folks in Coronado are very anxious to find out the timeline of the new theatre. Can you share with us the latest status and goals to getting the project completed?

Our agreement with Redevelopment Agency stipulates a certain timeline for completion of the project. While we have a window of 18 months, our goal is to bring the project to life sooner rather than later. Very soon an architect will be selected and at that point preliminary plans and a schematic design will be created. The process will continue through various phases until the renovation/remodel is complete. We are committed to have the Village Theatre opened no later than summer 2010 but will be working very hard to have it opened sooner. As we progress, target dates will improve!

What will be the style or theme of the Village Theatre? Are there any dramatic changes planned?

One of the ingredients I knew the Village Theatre had to have was a great atmosphere inside. There was only one man I could think of that had a natural vision for all things theatre and that is Joseph Musil. Mr. Musil, a former Disney Artist, is well known in Hollywood for his stunning renovation on the El Capitan Theatre, still owned and operated by Disney. His talents can also be seen at the Crest Theatre in Westwood and the Fine Arts in Beverly Hills. As you will see in the near future, Mr. Musil has developed sumptuous eye candy for the Village Theatre and we will be presenting his Final Concept Designs within a few months. Dramatic changes are in store INDEED! Photos of the El Capitan Theatre can also be seen on

How many screens with the theatre have? Any rough numbers on how many it will hold?

As with our Vista Theatre, the Village as it exists today is a large 625 seat single screen. There are many financial reasons why the Village cannot survive as a single screen like our operating Vista Theatre. The Vista is successful because of our Los Feliz Cinemas a short 6 blocks away. Movies can play the Vista one or two weeks and then be taken out for new films. In other words, the Vista changes films regularly compared to most multiplexes. Unfortunately, Coronado does not have any other movie theatre, which we are happy about for several reasons but frustrated just the same as restoring just the Single Screen would be wonderful. First Run film terms require minimum playtime of 2, 3 and 4 weeks. Holding a film for 3 weeks, with only a few exceptions, will not allow the Village to financially survive. And for the movie going audience, variety is the spice of life. So we must create a way for film to flow through the theatre on a regular basis. This will be accomplished by creating one or two additional screening rooms within the confines of the building. So in a nutshell, we are shooting for one Large Main Auditorium holding 250 seats and 2 VIP Screening Rooms holding 35 - 45 seats. But its not the size that counts as they say, its what you do with it that matters. Not only will the screening rooms provide exceptional seating comfort, viewer sightlines and state of the art Digital presentations for the audience, but they will also be adorned with gorgeous atmospheres created by Joseph Musil. More on this as it develops.

What can you share with us about the type of movies that will be shown? Will there be any other offerings besides movies?

The Village Theater will strive to offer Big Screen entertainment of quality whenever it is available in the Main Auditorium. You can likely expect summer and holiday blockbusters such as the Harry Potter series, Spiderman, Shrek, X Men, etc with film fare catered to more Adult and discriminating audiences in the VIP Screening Rooms. We may also have special events that could include live performances, music, Classic Movie Screening or Closed Circuit Events. More about this as the weeks progress.

What type of snack, food or drink items to you envision to keep moviegoers satisfied during the movie?

We do not want our audience to get parched or hungry, so we will have Freshly Popped Popcorn at every intermission and for those that don't mind cheating on their diet Real Butter! Soft Drinks will be Coca Cola or Pepsi products (negotiating on this). Other items include Eisenberg Hotdogs, Cafe and Hot Drinks, Selected candy favorites and some gourmet upscale treats as well. Incidentally, our Los Feliz Cinemas recently ranked #2 Best Popcorn in the Los Angeles Magazine movie edition! More on food as the weeks progress.

What do you see as your biggest challenge to completing this project?

The project is exciting, thrilling and a little, well, challenging. Quite simply our biggest challenge and concern is staying within budget. Plain and simple we must come in at or below 2.5 million.

Thanks so much for your time and work on this project. The Coronado community is so excited to be able to watch movies again and have another empty building brought back to life on Orange Avenue.

I am available by email and thank you again for the opportunity to report in to your readers.

Lance Alspaugh
Five Star Theatres inc.

Yours Truly,
A Nado Local

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Gray whale wanders into San Diego Bay

SAN DIEGO—A California gray whale has wandered into San Diego Bay after migration season is over.

Coast Guard officials say boaters spotted the whale Tuesday afternoon and gathered nearby to warn ship traffic away.

The San Diego Harbor Patrol is trying to herd the whale back out to sea, and says that the receding tide will help its efforts.

Joe Cordero, a marine biologist with the U.S. National Marine Fisheries Service, says gray whales occasionally stray during their Pacific migration from Alaska, where they feed during the summer. Sometimes the whales head to Baja California, where their calves are born during the winter.

Usually, whales finish their migration by the end of February.

There was no indication the wayward whale was injured.

Yours Truly,
A Nado Local

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Coast Guard cleans up San Diego Bay oil spill

SAN DIEGO—The U.S. Coast Guard on Wednesday was investigating where an oil spill came from in San Diego Bay.

Lt. Josh Nelson said the spill had almost completely dissipated or been recovered by sundown, but Coast Guard aircraft will fly over the spill zones at sunrise Thursday to assess the situation.

The spill is likely diesel because it's light and doesn't stick to the floating pads used to clean it up. Sun, wind and waves have dissipated the sheen.

He said it was unclear how much oil spilled.

Investigators took samples from the spill and from vessels in the area to determine where the fuel originated.

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A Nado Local

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Spring sports previews: Girls lacrosse

Season outlook: Two-time defending champion La Costa Canyon returns several key components from last year's team, including Candelaria, who is headed to Stanford. Coronado extended the Mavericks in last year's title game. Torrey Pines continues to improve and is becoming a legitimate threat. Rancho Bernardo is a program on the rise.

See the entire Union Tribune article here.

Yours Truly,
A Nado Local

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Our Friends in the Cays Are Preparing, Will the Rest of Us Follow Their Lead?

This was sent to from Barbara Denny:

Kudos to the Cays for taking the lead in preparing for an inevitable disaster, natural or man-made. Worse than the devastating wildfires, experts say that all of us who live in San Diego County are long overdue for The Big One. As our wise Eagle columnist, J. F. Kelly, Jr., wrote recently: "Hope for the best, but plan for the worst." That is exactly what we all should do right now, just as our friends in the Cays are doing.

There were two successful events that impressed me greatly and provided invaluable training. On January 24th, along with several dozen others, I participated in the Red Cross Shelter Training Seminar at the the CCHOA. This seminar was organized by Dr. Irv Kliger, who is head of the Medical Sub-Committee of the Cays Disaster Preparedness Sub-Committee, which is led by Jim Besikof. Knowledgeable and experienced Red Cross volunteers taught us the nuts and bolts of setting up and operating a proper shelter for ourselves, our families, our neighbors and our pets in the event that we are displaced from our homes by an inevitable disaster. After the morning seminar, we arranged ourselves into small groups and worked through a mock disaster scene during the afternoon.

On November 8, 2008 I participated in the Disaster Drill organized and run by community leaders including Victoria Elliott, CERT Chairperson/CERO Board member and Fred Brown, CERO President/CERT member. As a CERO (Coronado Emergency Radio Operators) member and CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) trainee at the time, I assisted drill Incident Commander (IC) Ed Hadfield who led dozens of CERO and CERT members in acting out the proper responses to a mock disaster in Antigua Village. This mock disaster fact pattern was prepared for us by our drill IC Ed Hadfield, whom you know as our accomplished Coronado Fire Division Chief and Fire Marshall.

I urge you all to (a) sign up for CERT classes by calling 619-522-7374 and (b) become an amateur radio operator through the upcoming local classes which are in the organization stage (more information to follow). Help us make Coronado a success story after The Big One hits.

With proper preparation, we will be able to save ourselves, our families, our neighbors and our pets when the inevitable disaster strikes.

I'm hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst.

Barbara Denny
Member of CERO & CERT

Yours Truly,
A Nado Local

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SoCAL GIRLS: Rancho Bernardo Upsets No. 8 Coronado, 11-6

Rancho Bernardo is best known in the lacrosse community for having produced University of Maryland star attackman Will Yeatman.

But on Monday night, it was Yeatman’s little sister who busted out of her brother’s rather large shadow and started to get hers.

Senior middie Anne Morgan Yeatman scored a game-high five goals to lead the Broncos to a shocking 11-6 upset victory over No. 8 Coronado in a CIF-San Diego Section game.

Junior attack Hannah Smith and senior attack Chaz Major each added a pair of goals, and junior attack Laura Curtis and sophomore middie Allison Proehl both scored once for Rancho Bernardo (1-0), which won its season opener after converting nine free-position shots.

Coronado (0-1), which lost a one-goal heartbreaker in last year’s CIF-San Diego Section championship game, fell in its season opener. Rancho Bernardo is just the fourth team to beat Coronado since the start of the 2007 season, joining La Costa Canyon, Poway and La Jolla.

Read the entire article here.

Yours Truly,
A Nado Local

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Investment Outlook from Local Coronado Investment Firm

The following post is from Orion Capital Management - a Coronado owned and operated independent investment firm that manages assets for a broad spectrum of clients.

Dear Investors,

For the first two months of 2009, financial markets around the world have continued to slide. As of the end of February, the S&P 500 Index was down 18.6% year-to-date. Many stock markets around the world are also at multi-year lows, with the exception of China, whose Shanghai Composite is up 14% so far in 2009. U.S. government bonds have also gained ground lately. The yield on the 10-year Treasury note has fallen to 3% now from its pre-crisis 4% level.

Economic data continues to be grim. The U.S. economy shed 651, 000 jobs in February, bringing the tally of jobs lost during this recession to 4.4 million. The unemployment rate is now over 8%, the highest it has been since 1982, and the number of economists predicting a double-digit unemployment rate by year's end is growing. Unemployment tends to be a lagging indicator for the economy, however, and more so for the markets. Historically speaking, the unemployment rate typically continues to climb for months or even years after the markets have bottomed and the economy has begun to recover.

While there appear to be no clear signs yet of a turn in the economy, there are government initiatives now underway which have the potential to turn, or at least arrest, the growing pessimism of investors. First, several programs are underway to alleviate the pressure on homeowners who are upside down in their mortgages. Second, the $787 billion stimulus package that President Obama signed into law last month will also begin to aid the economy in coming months and years. Finally the $200 billion TALF, or Term Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facility, will aim to see that credit remains available for auto loans, student loans and credit cards.

In my opinion, the single most important thing Washington can do now to help sentiment in the markets would be to reveal its plans for stabilizing our banking system. Progress on this front has been excruciatingly slow. Clearly fixing what ails our banks is a big job that requires much consideration, but with markets open everyday while Washington tosses ideas around, traders are taking their frustrations out on stocks. Happening right now are so-called "stress-tests" for the nineteen largest banks in the country. The purpose of these tests is to determine which banks will require more capital under more dire economic circumstances and how much they will require. Ideally, when the Treasury's findings are released and the government has begun to act to shore up the system, investors could begin to think about something other than the prospect of insolvency for our banking system as a whole.

Overseas the economic situation is mostly worse than here in the U.S. Eastern Europe, in particular, is suffering mightily as many people there took out low-interest home, auto and business loans in Euros and Swiss francs. Seemed like a good idea at the time, but now their domestic currencies-the ones in which their salaries are paid-have declined precipitously versus the harder currencies of Western Europe. Repaying their debts just became a lot harder.

If there is one economic bright spot in the world today, it has to be China. Even though Chinese exports have dried up as U.S. consumers have begun to save more, domestic consumption remains healthy. Furthermore, the government has committed to a stimulus package of $585 billion, roughly 20% of GDP, to be spent by the end of 2010. (This stimulus is not quite as large as it sounds, however, as the headline number includes projects that were already in the government's project pipeline.) Still, as recently as this week Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao reaffirmed that he expected China to notch an 8% GDP growth rate this year.

This is obviously a very difficult time for Americans and there are no easy answers or quick fixes for our economic problems. However, one day this recession will end. Our consumers and our banking system will recover to firmer ground and there will be growth again and reasons for optimism. In the meantime we must all hope that the government takes suitably aggressive action to combat this painful downturn.

As usual, I welcome your comments and feedback.

Best Regards,


About Orion Capital Management LLC
Founded in Coronado, California in 2002, Orion Capital Management LLC is an independent investment firm that manages assets for a broad spectrum of clients. The firm's customized portfolio management services are grounded in independent investment research and objective judgment.

Peter C. Thoms, CFA, Founder & Portfolio Manager
1330 Orange Avenue, Suite 302 | Coronado, CA 92118
Tel: (619) 435.1707 Fax: (619) 435.1706
Email: Web:

Yours Truly,
A Nado Local

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